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Ever have one of those nights where you’re just sitting in your high end, lofty space in the city with some fantastic furniture surrounding you, but you have no place to go because you’re actually a virtual avatar and your teleport isn’t working for some reason? Happens to the best of us. Trust. Anyway, to help you cope with such misfortune, I bring forth one of those nights into your Second Life reality. Eat your hearts out, ladies and gents.

•Dining chairs (9 LI each): Roxanne Chair Red by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Dining table (1 LI/modded): 1prim table 005 by ++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck)
•Laptop (4 LI): AIR Notebook by Apple Fall (Apple Fall)
•Coffee (6 LI): Chai Tea Latte by theosophy (Trace Osterham/no longer available)
•Ashtray (1 LI): Cigarettes and ashtray 1 via :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtrays by :YONEYA: (Yonemaru Allen/no longer available)
•Hamburger and napkins (3 & 1 LI): Meaty’s Cheeseburger Halfwrapped & Meaty’s Napkin Stack via [durp] Fast Food Box by Durp (Dillon Beeerbaum)
•Candle holder (6 LI): Xmas candle 3 by ++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck/no longer available)
•Pendant light (2 LI/modded): Pendant Light White [copy] by Oberon’s Trick (Sonnet Merlin)
•Rug (1 LI/modded): wrinkled-blanket 2 Example via [Foursquares] Wrinkled Blanket Sculpt Pack by FOURSQUARES (Venessa Khandr) (texture via Jonathan Adler)
•Console table (1 LI + shadow): DIVO Console Table by NOTsoBAD (Emilie Freund)
•Lamp (3 LI): Ellza * White by Abiss (Oggy Bonetto)
•Head (5 LI): Dutchies head by Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
•Peace sign (4 LI/modded): via [AF] CINEMA Set by Apple Fall (Apple Fall)
•Frame (3 LI/modded): Painting (Barraud, La Taciturne) by North West (Lili Brink/art via tumblr)
•Grey doors (1 LI each): Grey Kickplate via [Ace Manufacturing] Sculpted Doors [PE] by ac14 Hutson

•French doors (1 LI each/glass not included): french door by lonetorus Habilis
•Windows (1 LI each/glass not included): Window frame v1 sample 3 via MI8003 Mesh Window Frame V.1 by Meli Imako (MW Boa)
•Curtains (5 LI/modded): Bryony curtains (mod/copy) by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•City (4 LI): via .:NsB:. SOHO Loft Skybox by NOTsoBAD (Emilie Freund)

•Couch (7 LI): Sophia Couch PG Cuddles version v1 (copy only) by MESHWORX (loz Hyde/newish)
•Pillows (1 LI each/modded): Pillow 01-02 1 via [CD] Pillow Set 1 by Conzales Dsgns Sculptures & Sculptmaps (Conzales Dagger/texture via CB2)
•Blanket (1 LI): Bryn Blanket via The Loft – Bryn Sectional – Blue,Tan,Olive by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Ottomans (1 LI each/hollowed wood not included): Laura Ottoman by MudHoney (Rayvn Hynes)
•Rug (1 LI/modded): wrinkled-blanket 2 Example via [Foursquares] Wrinkled Blanket Sculpt Pack by FOURSQUARES (Venessa Khandr) (texture via CB2)
•Lightbulb chandelier (3 LI each/modded): Hanging bulb (black, medium) via [North West] Hanging bulbs (white & black, small, medium, long) by North West (Lili Brink)
•Frame (3 LI/modded): Painting (Barraud, Lys) by North West (Lili Brink/art via apartmenttherapy)
•Plant (17 LI/modded): Small Areca Palm Plant by Just Design (Dave Freeman)
•Pot (1 LI/modded): via /artilleri/ Plant – Cute climber by Artilleri (Antonia Marat)
•Stairs (4 LI): spiral staircase 5.5m(Silver) via :YONEYA: spiral staircase(Silver)BOX by :YONEYA (Yonemaru Allen)

•Bookcase (4 LI/modded): Mesh – Scarlet Creative for absencen Bookcase by Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett/newish)

•Butterfly chair (4 LI): butterfly chair 3 poses by DAHaus (Daedalus Brink)
•Blinds (3 LI/modded): Aurora Blind-Static (copy/mod) by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Radiator (7 LI): Bryony radiator-copy by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Bar cart (7 LI/modded): Bridges Bar Cart by PILOT (Kaz Nayar/newish)

Well, see you all in two years. Just kidding! Although, during that time I was given magical creative juices to come up with things like this. Who knows what could happen if I took another impromptu vaycay? I’ll probably, more than likely, just sit in my city skybox abusing the teleport button, though. I hope you do too, but now in a much more chicer way.

Happy SLing!


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Hi all! It’s been a few years. Oh, you’re angry you say? You brought pitchforks? No matter! I’ve come back with some pretty sweet designs and I already have a few projects stacked under my belt. So, for my first post back I wanted to do a classy yet very homey aesthetic filled room that incorporates some of me in it. No, the room is not as inappropriate nor as handsome as the real deal, but you can get a quick taste of course. I definitely tried to tone all that down by adding in some ochre/honey colored items alongside some fabulous eclectic pieces. Oh good. I see you put down the torches finally.

•Couch (14 LI): Valentine Sofa Navy by LISP (Pandora Popstar)
•Chairs (6 LI each): Leather Chair Cam by ++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck)
•Table (3 LI/modded): Coffee Table 01 by KUBRIC FLUX (Kubric Flux)
•Books (1 LI each): Book02 & 03 & 04 by ++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck)
•Tray (1 LI/modded): silver tray by DOLPHIN DESIGNS (Mitch Ishnoo)
•Bowl (7 LI): bowl of kiwis by Teawood (Robin Woodley)
•Knife (1 LI): kiwi knife by Teawood (Robin Woodley)
•Water (2 LI): Thalia deco water glass by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Flowers (11 LI): Bridget vase with Marigolds by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Rug (2 LI): me was used. via ruggies. by nordari. (Jordan Giant/freebie!)
•Side table (2 LI/modded): Glass table 010 by ++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck)
•Lamp (1 LI/modded): via NYC66 Skybox by Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo)
•Floor lamp (5 LI): PERRY Standing Lamp by NOTsoBAD (Emilie Freund)
•Chandelier (23 LI/modded): Shanghai Club Lamp by POST (Van Auster)
•Japanese screen art (2 LI): by Trash Wahwah (not available/art via google)

•Bar cart (7 LI/modded): Bridges Bar Cart by PILOT (Kaz Nayar/newish)
•Mirror (3 LI): Starburst Mirror Bronze by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins/newish)
•Pool (3 LI/modded): POOL/HOTTUB_05 by Meli Imako (MW Boa)
•Water texture (modded): Animated Water (42) by ***FLORA*** (Dingdong Davi)
•Tree (2 LI): Green Fantasy by 2 prim trees (Sql Miles)
•Hedge texture (modded): Texture – Grass 08 via 10 Seamless Grass Textures 30 by Meli Imako (MW Boa)

•French windows (1 LI each/glass not included): Window frame v1 sample 3 via MI8003 Mesh Window Frame V.1 by Meli Imako (MW Boa)
•Dining table (1 LI/modded): Drop Leaf  table by INFINITUDE (Poppet McGimsie)
•Dining chairs (10 LI each): Chaise Sans Souci (prune wood) by North West (Lili Brink)
•Bell jar (1 LI/modded): via Monarchs Flutter about the Blue Rose of Cairo by Paper Moon (Sohma Dix)
•Plant (4 LI): plant pot01 via (iTuTu)wooden box set by iTuTu (toraji Voom)
•Curtain (6 LI): Drape by The Loft (Nardya Rousselot)
•Shelves (1 LI/glass not included/modded) clothes rack[MESH]-silver-B by *bbqq* (omiluo)
•Boombox (1 LI): boombox 1 by Media Company Brzeg (Franz Strzelecki)
•Books (1 LI per set): four books (assorted5 & 6 & 7) by Junk Ruckus (Miwako Cheney/no longer available)
•Elephant (2 LI): Elephant Ornament by Meshaboom (Truffleshroom)
•Candles (2 LI): ALESSIA Candles 1 by NOTsoBAD (Reda Bertolucci)
•Frame (2 LI): Antique Victorian Ribbed Frame: Bronze by Cup of Cozy (Whitney Deka)
•Black boxes (2 LI): Aalis file boxes type 1 by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Vase (2 LI minus shadow): vas (grey). by Teawood (Robin Woodley)

•Arch window (6 LI/modded): Harding Window #1 Sample 1 via estatica Harding Window #1 – BOXED – V2 by Estatica (estatica)
•Doors (1 LI each): White Panel & Modern Light via [Ace Manufacturing] Sculpted Doors [PE] by ac14 Hutson
•Coat rack (8 LI): Coat rack with umbrella stand Ash wood by Abiss (Frasha Boa)

Well, that was my attempt to kickoff the new era of blah to wah. If it worked, yay! If not, whatever. It just means I get to spend more time with those sexy club chairs. How can you not like their define lines? Unf. Anyway, thank you for checking out my new blog! I’ll be posting more very, very soon. If not in a few minutes. Buckle up people.

Happy SLing!


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