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Uh oh. Did I really just go there with a Christmas post? You bet. I’m bringing out the valley girl in all of you this holiday season, and you better be ready. I couldn’t help but make a pastry dinner party when Tres Blah released all her new goodies at the latest gatcha event, and Commoner‘s tinsel trees were begging to be put next to them. So, like, totally blame them if you can’t handle the prettiness.

•Flooring: builder_wood_2_insight_designs via [iD Textures] Builders Wood Collection of Textures by Insight Designs (Amisha March)
•Backdrop (26 LI total): via [ba] snowy city loft with extras – packaged by barnesworth anubis (Barnesworth Anubis/new)
•Windows (1 LI each/glass not included): via Sculpted Window Builder Kit Package ( KTZ ) by KTZ (Ktzitz Bravitz)
•Door (1 LI): White Panel via [Ace Manufacturing] Sculpted Doors [PE] by ac14 Hutson

•Table (3 LI): Roxanne Table by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Chairs (1 LI each): Molded Plastic Chair (white) by Akimeta (Akimeta Difference)
•Cake (1 LI): Pastry Mania – Bon Appetit Cake by Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg/new)
•Pastry puffs (1 LI): Pastry Mania – Pastry Puffs by Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg/new)
•Flowers (5 LI): Punch Bowl Flowers by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•White candle (3 LI): White candle by Abiss (Soca McConnell)
•Pink & red candles (3 LI each/modded): Precieux chandelier A & C by North West (Lili Brink/no longer available)
•White wine (2 LI each): via Red / White Wine Glasses  Builder’s Kit Set by Meli Imako (MW Boa)
•Chandelier (7 LI): Vertigo pandent light by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Art (2 LI): by Trash Wahwah (not available)

•Rug (2 LI): Long Narrow Rug (texture-change) by North West (Lili Brink/no longer available)
•Credenza (7 LI/modded): Long Dresser [Mesh] Floor Custom by ::TeddyJr:: (TeddyJunior)
•Bucket with champagne (6 LI): Aphrodite Champagne in a bucket by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Glasses (3 LI): Bryony  wine glasses group by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Radio (4 LI): Retro Portable Radio Pink by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth/new)
•Bell jar (1 LI/modded): via Monarchs Flutter about the Blue Rose of Cairo by Paper Moon (Sohma Dix)
•Bows (10 LI each): via MI86606 Mesh Bow – 003 – Builder’s  Kit by Meli Imako (Lika Meili)
•Cardboard deer head (2 LI): Reindeer Head.holiday.white by HANDverk (Tobias Convair/new)

•Couch (6 LI): Fairfax Sofa Grey by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins/coming soon!)
•Rug (1 LI): by Trash Wahwah (not available/texture via West Elm)
•Table (2 LI): Chelsea coffee table by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Scrabble (1 LI): Let’s Play Scrabble by Apple Fall (Apple Fall/new)
•Coffee (1 LI): Skinny Latte by Apple Fall (Apple Fall/new/freebie!)
•Phone (1 LI): Cell phone by Zinnias (Zinnia Karu/freebie!)
•Tray (1 LI): Lacquered Tray by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Cigarettes & lighter (1 LI each): Kool Cigarettes & Pink Lighter via *Zinnias* Retro Glam Acapulco Table Set Bag by Zinnias (Zinnia Karu/new)
•Books (1 LI/modded): Books C by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins/coming soon!)
•Bird vase (6 LI): bird vase by *Pinky* (Polyester Partridge and Nylon Pinkney)
•Ashtray (1 LI): Haarlem Deco Ashtray by POST (Van Auster)

•Fireplace (3 LI): Fireplace Cubicco by Abiss (Oggy Bonetto)
•Tool set (1 LI): Fireplace Tool Set via Fireplace – Cubicco by Abiss – PG – package by Abiss (Oggy Bonetto)
•Wreath (4 LI/modded): Olive Branch Wreath by Alchemy Immortalis (Alchemy Cyannis)

•Curtains (3 LI/modded): Bryony curtains (mod/copy) by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Radiator (2 LI): Radiator v.2.0 by .:: ONE GRID ::. (ChooChoo Sierot)
•Trees (16 LI each): Tinsel Tree / Pink (Large) & Tinsel Tree / Silver (Table-Top) by Commoner (Emery Milneaux)
•Ornaments (1 LI each/modded): via /artilleri/ Christmas tree baubles by Artilleri (Antonia Marat)
•Presents (1 LI each/modded): via floorplan. gift boxes set of 16 by floorplan. (Tegan Serin/new)

•Chairs (3 LI each): MUNRO Bar Stool Chair 3 by NOTsoBAD (Emilie Freund)
•Pillows (2 LI each/modded): softies/violet via {vespertine – softies/ fall set by vespertine (Amelie Knelstrom)
•Blue macaroons (1 LI): Pastry Mania – Raspberry Heart by Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg/new)
•Eiffel tower w/ macaroons (1 LI): Pastry Mania – Macarons by Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg/new)
•Raspberry cake (3 LI): Pastry Mania – Raspberry Cake by Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg/new)
•Chocolate cake (1 LI): Pastry Mania – Chocolate Cake by Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg/new)
•Plant (5 LI): Pussy Willow B by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Deer sculptures (1 LI each): via BoatHouse Deer Set by BoatHouse (IzzieBellah Hinterland)
•Chalkboard (4 LI): Message Center White RARE by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins/new)
•Cooker top (2 LI/modded): Emma Cooker top by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
•Stove top (2 LI/modded): via Trompe Loeil – NYC66 by Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo)
•Counters & cabinets (31 LI total/modded): via /artilleri/ Sonja kitchen by Artilleri (Antonia Marat)
•Backsplash (2 LI/modded): via The Loft – Castara Eat in Kitchen White/Blue by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Sink (5 LI/modded): via The Loft – Castara Eat in Kitchen White/Blue by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Refrigerator (15 LI): SuperFreeze Refrigerator White by Stuff Store (Crias Rowlands)
•Frying pan (2 LI): frying pan/green by BP* (Bettiepage Voyager/no longer available)
•Cracked egg (4 LI): break an egg/ with eggshell by BP* (Bettiepage Voyager/no longer available)
•Coffee maker (1 LI): 1st Day of Christmas – Coffee Maker by Apple Fall (Apple Fall/new)
•Container & lid (6 LI total): poppy with oreo & poppy cap by PLAAKA (Zazie Daviau)
•Coffee sign (1 LI): Scriptor Word Art (TheArcade) – Coffee [MESH] by DIGS (Iris Maskelyne/new)
•Tea, sugar, flour (2 LI each): Tea, Sugar, Flour Canister(s) by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)

This whole color blocking with interior is kind of my new favorite thing. It can go pretty tacky if you don’t style it right (especially with Christmas decor), but it’s definitely the trend right now. I’ll be posting more rooms very soon, so be on the lookout!

Happy SLing and Merry Christmas!


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“We’re young! Well, younger.” It’s definitely time to bring out the Hocus Pocus references. Well, any Halloween movie references really. I decided to do a small and spooky room for my fellow Halloween lovers. Black and bright colors and crawling “decor” really made this room hair-raising yet chic.

•Walls (1 LI each): Glam Wall Panel by blah to wah (Trash Wahwah/no longer available)
•Chandelier (3 LI): Logie Chandelier Black by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Spiderweb (1 LI/modded): spiderweb_2 via (iTuTu) Spider Web Set by iTuTu (Kao Sands/no longer available)
•Mirror (3 LI/modded): frame01[JPN] by *chronokit* (kit Pizzicato/freebie!)
•Couch (24 LI): La Moda couch – COPY version by Abiss (Frasha Boa)
•Table (3 LI): bedside table by Dutchie (Froukje Hoorenbeek)
•Pumpkin (1 LI/modded): PAINTED PUMPKIN RED by CONCRETE FLOWERS (Daizy Dumpling/no longer available)
•Box (2 LI): Wooden Box by BoatHouse (IzzieBellah Hinterland)
•Book (1 LI/modded): handbook for the recently deceased by floorplan. (Tegan Serin/L$1 freebie!)
•Candle (4 LI): (Clear) Seaglass bottle w/candle (large) via [*Art Dummy!] (Clear) Seaglass bottles w/candles by *Art Dummy! (Gala Charron)
•Lamp (6 LI): SEXY TIME LAMP -L- via KOSH- SEXY TIME LAMP SET -3 SIZES- by KOSH (Lynaja Bade)
•Cord & outlet (2 LI): cableA_plugged3R_assembled via via ZimberLab – Electric Set A by ZimberLab (Doctor Zimberman)
•Rug (1 LI): Bryn Rug by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)

•Chairs (6 LI each): personal sofa 1.0 Red by ++LP2++ (Yasuki Beck)
•Books (16 LI): Book Set 2 by HERBALYS (Albert Beerbaum)
•Table (5 LI): Little table – black by North West (Lili Brink)
•Vase (2 LI): Roxanne Vase 6 Black by The Loft (Colleen Desmoulins)
•Flowers (4 LI/modded): via POST: Haarlem Deco Vase with Calla Lilies by POST (Van Auster)
•Roaches (1 LI each/modded): Wood Roach via (ARCC) Roaches (boxed)(SLM) by Arcane Creations (Danuc Landar)

•Piano (10 & 3 LI): grand piano[black] & piano chair [black] by [mdrm] (naonao2 Ellils)
•Console table (4 LI): Sibylla console table by ARIA (Yelo Uriza)
 •Alcohol (2 LI): Bottle09, 01, 05 via :YONEYA: Bottle Set (Mesh) by :YONEYA: (Yonemaru Allen)
•Glasses (1 LI each/modded): via drink and glass wine by DOLPHIN DESIGNS (Mitch Ishnoo)
•Bell jar & bottom (2 LI/modded): via Monarchs Flutter about the Blue Rose of Cairo by Paper Moon (Sohma Dix)
•Skulls (1 LI each/modded): via Sculpted_Skull (fullperm)(boxed) by Arcane Creations (Icarus Nestler)
•Hands (2 LI each/modded): Hand L & R via skeleton hands and feet (boxed) by Arcadia Morales
•Frames (3 LI each): Lesha Frame X Oval (silver) by North West (Lili Brink/art via Charmaine Olivia)

•Window (6 LI): outer window by [mdrm] (naonao2 Ellils)
•Vase (5 LI): Doll Head Vase – Gloomy by Nylon Outiftters (Polyester Partridge/new)
•Cat (1 LI): 1prim cat -black- by *SHOP SEU* (Seu Ahn)
•Pumpkin (1 LI/modded): Pumpkin via {what next} Fancy Pumpkins by {what next} (FrankLee Anatra)
•Moon (3 LI/modded): Festival of Sleep Moon by -RC- Cluster (Redd Columbia/no longer available)

You can’t go wrong with decorating for the best holiday ever, but it can look pretty overloaded and too try-hardish. So, stick with brighter colors (you can even do turquoise walls) along with black and place some horrifying pieces here and there. Just don’t forget to take them down when Halloween is over. If you do forget, I will take no blame for people being weirded out when they go to your house.

Happy SLing and happy Halloween!


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